IC – 4

Section Claves

Transculturation and the colonial difference. Double translation (pdf)
Walter D. Mignolo y Freya Schiwy
Cibercultur@ as a strategy for complex communication from the edge (pdf)
Jorge A. González

Section Selecta

Palo Monte, a Congo ritual in Cuba (pdf)
José da Silva Ribeiro
Daily press as a window of exotic worlds. Visual imaginaries of other cultures through past and present newspapers (pdf)
Estela Rodríguez
Intercultural communication (pdf)
Jacinto Choza
Subtitling the film ‘The children of Russia’: enhancing understanding through a series of linguistic transformations (pdf)
Marisa Cordella
Uruguayan camdombe (pdf)
María Isabel Cintas Guillén
Neototemism and Imaginary: Image Crisis and Visual Emergence (pdf)
Víctor Silva Echeto y Rodrigo Browne Sartori
Myth survival in mass media (pdf)
Mª Ángeles Martínez García y Antonio Gómez Aguilar
Spanish reality perception in immigrant’s collective imaginary (pdf)
María Eugenia González Cortés
La Visión de los vencidos and Brevissima relación: Trauma and criticism in Indian subject construction in Mexico (pdf)
Salvador Leetoy

Section Antológica

Sails and Standards: Feast Images of the Battle of Lepanto (pdf)
Jaime García Bernal
Sports and society news in the XVIth century: ostentation of the power of nobility in tournaments and jousts (pdf)
Sandra Mª Fernández Vales
When painting is poetry: verses and riddles with which University of Santiago mourned Charles II (pdf)
Nieves Pena Sueiro
Word, image and power. Iconography of Seville town hall houses for the parties of Charles IV’s proclamation (pdf)
Carmen Montoya Rodríguez

Section Addenda

Reflections on a “Velasques”. On foreign names´ transcripts into Spanish (pdf)
Luis Lerate de Castro

Section Bibliográfica

Reviews (pdf)
Miguel Vázquez Liñán, Antonia Ceballos Cuadrado, Francisco Baena, Carmen Espejo Cala y Jaime Figueroa Daza



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