About IC

IC, Scientific Information and Communication Journal (ISSN: 1696-2508; E-ISSN: 2173-1071) is an online and print journal addressing issues related to information, communication and culture from inter- and transdisciplinary, heterogeneous, heterodox and basically critical approaches, since both its editorial board and team are actively committed to social change, public emancipation, environmental protection and the culture of peace. Connected to the Department of Journalism I of Seville University, IC constitutes a global forum for discussing the research results and analyses of consolidated and highly respected academics and thinkers, together with the production of new perspectives by researchers starting or continuing their work in the fields of information, communication and culture, and who raise epistemological or theoretical concerns going beyond mere technical or professional insights into the world of communication.

Edited by the Department of Journalism I and the Secretariat of Publications of Seville University, IC is a annual open to contributions related to multiple areas of knowledge that address communication from philosophical, anthropological, sociological, ethical, political or historical standpoints, or in a broader sense, from the perspective of cultural and post-colonial studies, political economy, gender research, women’s studies, cognitive sciences or visual studies, to name but a few of the most recent transdisciplinary approaches, which are just as rigorous in obtaining research results as more conventional and positivist disciplines.

IC sections

Claves. This section is dedicated to the analysis of issues or strategic lines of research in the field of information and communication, of an innovative and transversal nature, addressing theoretically and epistemologically the key elements of communication research. Papers submitted to “Claves” are usually reviewed by the journal’s editorial board; this being the only exception to the rule in IC’s assessment system.
Selecta. This section includes those works that address the specialized scientific studies and advances of experts in different areas of communication research. It is also geared to discovering new talent, and sometimes includes monographs dedicated to issues of special interest.
Bibliográfica. This section is dedicated to commenting on and discussing interesting communication research sources. It is not, therefore, a section dedicated exclusively to the critical review of new publications, but also to “recuperating” classics or the promotion of other sources, such as academic journals, databases, museums, online portals, etc.

Our Team

Founder: Manuel Bernal Rodríguez

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: María Lamuedra Graván

Editorial Secretary: María Eugenia Gutierrez Jímenez

Webmaster and responsible for section “Bibliográfica”: David Montero

Responsible for Indexation: Belén Zurbano Berenguer

Ángel Acosta Romero (Universidad de Sevilla), José Miguel Alcíbar Cuello (Universidad de Sevilla), Francisco Baena Sánchez (Universidad de Sevilla), José Luis Campos García (Universidad de Málaga), Fernando Contreras Medina (Universidad de Sevilla), Carmen Espejo Cala (Universidad de Sevilla), Antonio García Gutiérrez (Universidad de Sevilla), Juan Carlos Gil González (Universidad de Sevilla), Rafael González Galiana (Universidad de Sevilla), Salvador Leetoy López (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey; Guadalajara, México), Fernando León Solís (University of West Scotland), Mª Ángeles López Hernández (Universidad de Sevilla), Victor Mari Saez (Universidad de Cádiz), Hugh 0’Donnell (Glasgow Caledonian University), Carlos del Valle Rojas (Universidad de la Frontera, Chile)

International Scientific Committee

Peter Burke (Emmanuel College, Cambridge), Gonzalo Abril (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Roger Chartier (Universidad París VIII-Francia), Raúl Fuentes (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Guadalajara-México), Jorge González (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México-México), Jan Servaes (Center ‘Communication for Sustainable Social Change’, University of Massachusetts), Muniz Sodré (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-Brasil), Teun A. Van Dijck (Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona).

IC Journal is an Open Access Journal and publishes articles under a Creative Commons License.  E-ISSN: 2173-1071.



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